The first editor for Spigot configurations.
Lightweight and easy to use.


Edit remote files

Chorus provides internal SFTP and FTP clients to connect to your server and edit the files you need, in only one application.

Intelligent autocompletion

Don't lose focus! Chorus will offer you the words you need while you're typing.

GUI preview

Realistic previews

Chorus is made to save your time. Thanks to realistic previews, you can see how your plugin will look like in game.

Easy inserter

Insert items, effects, entities, particles, sounds, enchantments and much more using a user-friendly menu.


Colored-text editor

Chorus contains an awesome rich-text editor to easily create colored and formatted strings.

Wiki connection

Chorus can connect to the official Minecraft Wiki to display information about game components.

Blocks info

Time converter

Chorus is able to convert seconds and other time units to ticks, and vice-versa.


Insert variables into Chorus to replace them when showing previews.